Beekeeping in Slovenia

Slovenians are a nation of beekeepers, which can be felt at every step. We know our Carniolan bee well, its role in nature, and we appreciate the bee products of Slovenian beekeepers.

Slovenian beekeeping is special in many respects. We have our Carniolan bee, whose country of origin is Slovenia, we have our unique AŽ hive, we have bee houses, decorative beehive panels, we bake gingerbread cookies, make honey bread products, things you cannot find anywhere else. Most importantly, Slovenian beekeepers are beekeepers with heart and soul and for us beekeeping is simply something MORE.

Slovenian beekeepers are renowned across the world for our hospitality and openness. Beekeepers are happy to show our beekeeping farms, serve bee products, and talk about beekeeping in general. This is why we have recently started developing apitourism, as we wish to present our activity to both fellow Slovenian and international beekeepers and the national and international public.

The laws that apply in honeybee colonies could serve as an example for us all. Respect, dedication and responsibility towards own and communal tasks are the basis for their survival. They are also the foundation for the survival of nature. The sooner people also realise this, the greater the possibility to save our world.

Dear visitors, your visit to apitourism farms will lead you to a world of unforgettable experience!

Boštjan Noč, President of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association