Beekeeping and the Young

beekeeping_and_youngPeople of various ages and professions are involved in beekeeping. Most of them pursue it as a hobby with a small number of beehives. For them, beekeeping is a way to spend their free time. In the company of their winged friends, they learn how to think and to observe. Together they rejoice at the plentiful honey harvest and share sympathies when a disease appears in the bee house.

In Slovenia, young beekeepers are being trained with the help of school beekeeping clubs, in which students find out about beekeeping. Beekeeping clubs are active in more than 200 primary schools in Slovenia. If out of every ten students who attended the theoretical and practical lessons on beekeeping, at least two become beekeepers when they finish primary school, the club has served its purpose.

On the third Friday of November each year, Slovenian beekeepers organise an educational and promotional campaign for preschool and school children simply called the Honey Breakfast. The idea for the educational-promotional campaign stems from the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association which now presents an initiative to establish the “European Honey Breakfast”.