Honey-based beverages

beekeeping_beveragesThe basic raw material for all honey-based beverages is high-quality honey. The aroma of the beverage depends on the botanical origin of the honey, i.e. where the bees gathered the nectar or honeydew. Slovenia is one of the richest biotic areas in Europe and we therefore produce honey with a rich aroma and a wide variety of tastes. Floral, wild, lime, or chestnut honey are usually used for honey-based beverages. The lighter or darker colour of the beverage also depends on the type of the honey.

Honey-based beverages can be non-alcoholic (honey-based beverage in the form of juice concentrate or juice) or alcoholic beverages (mead, honey spirit, honey liqueur, honey beer, and sparkling mead). A true pride of Slovenian beekeepers is sparkling mead, which was first presented in 2005. It is made following the traditional (champagne) method from various types of honey. One of the oldest alcoholic beverages is mead, which is created by fermenting a honey solution (water and honey).