Apimondia 2021 in Slovenia – Apimondia for the beekeeper’s soul!

The President of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association in the formal beekeeping attire. He is accepting a state decoration being awarded to the Association by the Slovenian president Mr Borut Pahor

Beekeeping is a part of Slovenian national identity. Slovenes like to identify ourselves with our Carniolan honey bee, which we have every reason to take pride in. Beekeeping is a part of our cultural heritage and there are not a lot of people who are not familiar with our unique apiary, our painted beehive front boards, our gingerbread hearts and cookies etc. Beekeeping societies and regional associations have their own banners; beekeepers have our formal dress wear and our own special line of casual wear. Our apiaries are real architectural “works of art” and a unique part of Slovenian “architectural” cultural heritage. The heart and soul of every Slovenian beekeeper sing when they are in an apiary. We have fun there with the little bees that we rightfully call friends. An apiary is really something special; it smells of honey, propolis, you can hear the bees buzzing … In short, the beekeeper feels like he or she is in heaven in there.
Slovenes like to call beekeeping the poetry of agriculture and we like to say that the beekeepers put our souls into beekeeping. In short – beekeeping is something extra in Slovenia.

A former president of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association and a current Member of the European Parliament Alojz Peterle in the formal beekeeping attire

Boštjan Noč in the new casual outfit for Slovenian beekeepers

It is putting our heart and soul into beekeeping that we want to share with beekeepers all around the world. Apimondia 2003 in Ljubljana is still fresh in the memory of Slovenian beekeepers. We hosted beekeepers from all over the world all over Slovenia and many unforgettable and lasting friendships were formed. We still keep in touch with those beekeepers, we share beekeeping experience and relive the days when we met, when we arrived at the conclusion that the bees unite and connect us. In 2021, we wish to rebuild all of that and even improve it.

Apimondia 2003 is engraved on the beekeepers’ hearts

We want to pay special attention to the process of putting scientific knowledge into practice. A day at Apimondia will be set aside for the presentation of scientific discoveries to beekeepers in a language they understand. We want the technical part of Apimondia to become more accessible to every beekeeper.

Dear beekeepers, as you know Slovenia has proposed many international projects aimed at the well-being of bees and the promotion of beekeeping. World Bee Day – 20th May – is our joint project, the project of all the beekeepers of the world! We are pleased to say that it is supposed to be officially declared soon by the United Nations. That way, a special day will be observed for the bee and the beekeeping.

20th May will thus become a worldwide beekeeping holiday – a holiday for the bees and the beekeepers!
The bees and the beekeepers certainly deserve it.

A beehive front board

Dear Sirs and Madams,

beekeeping is a special mission and beekeepers are ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment. One of every three bites of food grown on our planet depends on our bees …

A typical Slovenian apiary – Slavko Avsenik and Anton Noč in the Gorenjska national costume

Our bee products are a real gift and treasure of nature. Therefore, dear beekeepers, be proud of the work we do.

On behalf of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association I ask you to support Slovenia’s candidacy for Apimondia 2021 so that we can experience it together – Apimondia for the beekeeper’s soul!!

Boštjan Noč, President of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association