World Bee Day

beekeeping_AJBeekeeping has a rich tradition and is very important in Slovenia. Alongside the bee products, particular emphasis has been given to the indispensable role of the honey bee in the pollination of entomophilous plants. With pollination, honey bees and other pollinators provide a third of the food in the world. Beekeeping enables employment and guarantees nutritional safety. In addition, it does not represent any burden for the environment.

The Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera carnica, Pollmann 1879) is a protected bee subspecies in Slovenia. Due to its excellent traits, it is the second most common bee subspecies in the world. The Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association is one of the best organised national beekeeper’s associations and is greatly respected and acknowledged by the entire world for preserving and protecting the Carniolan bee, for beekeeping “with its soul”, and for ensuring that its bee products are high
quality and safe.

On the basis of these facts, the Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association addressed the initiative to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to achieve the proclamation of May 20 (the birth date of Anton Janša) as World Bee Day by the United Nations.

Activities connected to promoting the initiative in Slovenia are carried out under the common slogan: