Congratulations to our basketball players, they have won the European basketball championship.   Apart from basketball players Slovenia is also famous for its beekeepers. Vote for Apimondia 2021 to be in Slovenia. Slovenia candidate for Apimondia 2021

Slovenia is on a roll

Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association proposes to Apimondia that at the first session of the General Assembly the delegates discuss (during the discussion with members on selected topics based on members’ suggestions) the protection or support of bees and beekeepers in the world.   We think that it will be beneficial to […]

Protection of bees and beekeepers

If you are interested in well-being, you will find it in Slovenia in collaboration with our bees. If you are looking for a true connection with nature, you will find it -along with the bees- in Slovenia’s remarkable and diverse regions. If you are interested in beekeeping, Slovenia is the […]

Explore special features of the beekeeping land

Slovenian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Dejan Židan, MSc, received the Minister for Agriculture from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Han Changfu and his delegation on 24th August 2017 in Bled.   During their conversation the ministers also pointed out the final Slovenian activities regarding the initiative for the United […]

Minister Židan receives the Chinese Minister for Agriculture

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Ms Sophie Honey paid the Slovenian Beekeeping Centre a courtesy visit. The President of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association (SBA) Mr Boštjan Noč and Dr Peter Kozmus welcomed the ambassador in Brdo pri Lukovici. The president of SBA presented […]

The UK ambassador visits the Slovenian Beekeeping Centre

Many people realize that bees are important insects but we are still not familiar enough with how big an influence their biggest role – pollination – has on mankind. The world is mostly acquainted with hive products but by pollinating plants bees give the world around one third of all […]

About the book No Bees, No Life

One of the tasks of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association is informing general public, especially the young, and building a positive attitude towards beekeeping culture, tradition and the preservation of nature. The Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association and its Public Extension Service on Beekeeping with the help of beekeeping tutors and teachers organises […]

Beekeeping clubs in Slovenia

SBA has sent a public statement on declaring bees an endangered animal species to all media. During this spell of extreme temperatures, humans are even more aware of climatic changes and related changes in nature. Humans have the least trouble adapting to changes, but unfortunately bees cannot do that and […]

Declaring bees an endangered animal species

The Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association has been striving for many years now to enrich and plant our landscape with native plants, especially nectar plants. We proposed to local communities to plant native nectar plants on their public areas and we distributed linden saplings to them. Linden tree (Tilia sp.) is a […]

Slovenian schools planted linden trees

The Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association will hold a beehive panel painting competition this year. Students of Slovenian elementary schools (2nd educational cycle) will be invited to participate. The competition will begin on the day of the annual Traditional Slovenian Breakfast and will end in March, when the most beautiful panels will […]

Beehive panel painting competition

The Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association is encouraging the Slovenian public to plant as many sunflowers as they can. They are a good pasture for bees and other pollinators; they decorate our home gardens and are generally useful. One of the activities of the Beekeepers’ Association is also encouraging the planting of […]

Beekeepers encourage sunflower planting

Even not being a member of the APIMONDIA Association, I recommend Slovenia as local organizer for the APIMONDIA Congress in 2021. The beekeepers in Slovenia are in a magic way connected to their nature and their Carniolan Bee. I have never seen a deeper interaction. Maybe it is this specific […]

Support from Luxembourg

Slovenia is trying to make 20th May World Bee Day. The Bank of Slovenia plans to use this opportunity to issue one million commemorative coins with an image of a comb in the shape of a globe depicting the eastern hemisphere. Empty comb cells represent sea while filled cells represent […]

Commemorative coins

Dear Slovenian Beekeepers, Congratulations again on this wonderful imitative and its fantastic the support you have received. Kind regards,   Philip McCabe Apimondia President

Congratulations from Philip McCabe

At the seat of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)* in Rome, Slovenia`s proposal to declare May 20 as the World Bee Day was unanimously supported three times in two years. And also today, on Wednesday, 5 July 2017, when the highest FAO meeting took place […]

Thank you, Rome … New York, here we come!

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food in Slovenia Dejan Židan participated to FAO conference meeting, where initiative for the proclamation of World Bee Day was considered. Delegates from almost 200 of countries of the world supported the initiative.  Confirmation of the initiative at the FAO Conference level represented the final (third) step […]

FAO conference supported the iniative of Slovenia for proclamation of ...

Today Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food in Slovenia Dejan Židan will participate to FAO conference meeting, where initiative for the proclamation of World Bee Day will be considered.   Confirmation of the initiative at the FAO Conference level represents the final (third) step in the formal consideration at FAO level. The […]

FAO Conference about proclamation of World Bee Day

A hive-like structure of latticework, in at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, in London. My approach to a sculpture seeks to frame nature so one can experience it more intimately,” says British artist Wolfgang Buttress, whose built the sculpture. “I want visitors to feel enveloped, wrapped-up and involved in […]

Interactive pavilion called “Bee World”

On Wednesday 14th June the European Parliament voted on the use of pesticides on protected areas. The proposal was supported by the Parliament as well as by the Slovene MEPs unanimously. This is a step towards a sustainable system of farming. It was a very close vote but common sense […]

European Parliament voted on the use of pesticides on protected ...

The Slovenian Beekeepers’s Association has sent a letter to the Slovenian Members of the European Parliament asking them (demanding from them) to vote for a ban on neonicotinoids at the sitting on 14th June. All beekeepers are aware that these products kill our bees and that they are a major […]

SBA demands from the Slovenian MEPs – STOP neonicotinoids

It is a long-standing practice for Slovenian beekeepers to open the door of their apiaries every June under the umbrella of their beekeeping societies. The beekeepers present the importance of bees and beekeeping to the local community, prepare exhibitions of beekeeping tools and nectar plants, extract honey, organise hive product […]

Open day of Slovenian apiaries

The Green Gold Fountain is a tribute to the hop growing heritage of the Lower Savinja Valley and Žalec, which is the hop-growing centre of Slovenia. Slovenia is also the fifth largest producer of hops in the world and hop is the “spice” that gives beer its distinctive flavour. In […]

The Green Gold Fountain

  In the 19th century in the Podsmreka Castle (near Višnja Gora in the Ivančna Gorica municipality), the Rothschütz family was very active in beekeeping and takes the credit for the recognisability, reputation and distribution of the Carniolan honey bee in the world today. Emil Rothschütz, who lived and worked […]

Slovenian plaque to celebrate the Carniolan honey bee

Anton Janša is a renowned pioneer of modern beekeeping and one of the best experts on honey bees. The academically trained painter was the first teacher of beekeeping at the imperial court in Vienna. He was born in Breznica near Žirovnica in Slovenia. Because he had a great talent for […]

20th May, World Bee Day

The Telegraph, a British daily newspaper, reports on the Carniolan honey bee, Slovenian beekeeping tradition, Slovenian beekeepers, the relationship Slovenes have with bees, and on everything in connection to the bees and beekeeping one can see and experience in Slovenia, and explains why it is worth visiting Slovenia. You can […]

The Telegraph about Slovenian beekeeping tradition

15th May 2017 was an important day for beekeeping, and I hope and believe that it was a turning point for beekeeping as well. We opened the Slovenian Bee World pavilion at the European Commission headquarters and thus presented the Slovenian technological “wonder” and the World Bee Day initiative to […]

An important day for bees

To celebrate this year’s Europe Day, EU institutions organised an  on Saturday, 6th May. EU citizens were able to get acquainted with the activities, priorities and measures of the EU institutions and to get to know the member states. A special and interesting feature was the interactive Bee World pavilion. […]

Open day of EU institutions

Slovenians have always been a nation of beekeepers. Beekeeping is an important agricultural activity with a long-standing tradition. Our beekeepers are known throughout the world for their professionalism and for Slovenia’s unique historical peculiarities such as painted beehive panels, bee houses, traditional beehives and the Carniolan honeybee. Bees and other […]

Opening of the Bee World exhibition

Macedonian association for preservation of Macedonian native honey bee Apis mellifera macedonica supports organization of the 47 th Apimondia Congress 20121 in Slovenia.   President of the Management Board Igor Ilkov decision


I support Slovenia’s candidacy for 47 Apimondia Congress, as Slovenia is a beautiful country with a varying landscape. It offers mountains, hills, valleys with beautiful grasslands and spacious woods where you can pick mushrooms. We traveled to Slovenia a couple of times for Paragliding and took our kids with us. We always […]

Alwina Unruh

Slovenia with its great tradition in beekeeping will show the wonderful art of beekeeping at its best and be a perfect host for the Apimondia 2021. Apart from the program we will find organized tours to beekeeper into the whole country and get into contact with our Slovenian colleagues.  Slovenia’s […]

Jürgen Binder

I had a chance to be guest in Slovenia, special country, with beautiful people and big hearts. Slovenia is an important country for me, whenever I would gladly return in Slovenia. Apiary Slovenia is very well organized and have something special that we’ve never seen in other countries, the so […]

Alina Varadi

I had the opportunity to feel in my heart the kindness and warmth of the people in Slovenia, to see the beauties of this country and to experience the organizing capacity for apitherapy and beekeeping events. I believe it would be wonderful for us to repeat these all, in Apimondia […]

Cristina Aosan

Tradition and progress. Slovenian beekeepers combine this perfectly. They are proud of their great beekeeping tradition and always open to new innovative ideas. In addition to international and European initiatives, the promotion of beekeeping, quality assurance, work at schools and new ideas for marketing also come to mind. Through their […]

Andreas Mühlemann

The President of Apimondia Philip McCabe – The Heart and Soul of Beekeeping Dwells in Slovenia We have asked the president of Apimondia Philip McCabe what he thinks about Slovenian beekeeping. Here is a written summary of his statement in English: This is my sixth visit to Slovenia so […]

Philip McCabe, president of Apimondia

I’m an Administrator of the Syndicate “Les Amis des Abeilles” (Syndicat d’Apiculture d’Indre et Loire, France). In 2013, I organized a trip to discover beekeeping in Slovenia for our beekeeping union. We discovered a beautiful country, a welcoming people, beekeepers and a very professional beekeeping structure. A beautiful trip to […]

Alain Vaillant

Croatian Beekeeping Association supports Slovenia’s candidacy for Apimondia 2021. POTPORA APIMONDIA 2021

Support from Croatia

Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association   Dear all, we are very pleased that you are a candidate for the organisation of Apimondia 2021 and we are using this opportunity to offer you our full support so that you can achieve your goal.   We are following your activities and efforts to raise […]

Suad Kurbegović, President of the USK Beekeepers’ Association

Hello to all Slovenian beekeepers, I know Slovenia well as I visited your country many times with my family. As well I organised two beekeeping excursions for our Beekeeper´s association ( Les apiculteurs de l´Ain). This magnificent little country has all the qualities to organize an excellent congress Apimondia in […]

Yves Bomboy

The reasons of my support are associated to Slovenia’s beekeeping that has a strong development and the association have good skills in organizing events of this dimension. They have my total confidence once Slovenia is an easily accessible and safe destination. Professor Maria G. Campos (Team Leader of the “Bee […]

Maria G. Campos

A beekeeping professor at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra Robert Chlebo, who is also the Secretary General of the international beekeeping organisation Apislavia, supports Apimondia 2021 in Slovenia and has become a member of the Slovenian Honorary Organising Committee for Apimondia 2021 at the invitation of the Slovenian […]

Robert Chlebo

One of the leading scientists in the field of Varroa mite control Antonio Nanetti, PhD, supports Apimondia 2021 in Slovenia and has become a member of the Slovenian Honorary Organising Committee for Apimondia 2021 at the invitation of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association.

Antonio Nanetti

Having attended Apimondia 2003 and Apimedica 2010, I could see the high quality of management and organisation, passion for bees, its a beekeeping fairyland ,pristine beautiful environment for beekeeping, warm people, English speaking ,vibrant vibes makes Slovenia the perfect destination for Apimondia 2021.A very beautiful country with warm hospitable people. […]

Support from India

Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann President COLOSS association supports Slovenia as candidate fort he Apimondia Congress in 2021. He has experienced the great hospitality in Slovenia several times. Besides excellent climatic conditions and a stunning landscape, lovely food and drinks, friendly local people and a long-standing and very active beekeeping community, […]

Peter Neumann

Representatives of National Bee Branch Association from Bulgaria support Slovenian Beekeepers Association to organise Apimondia 2021   “We want to assure you that we are supporting your re-nomination for the organization of the World Congress of Beekeepers Apimondia (2021); and for the candidature of Mr. Vice President Dr. Auniverse of […]

Support from Bulgaria

Our organization will vote at the General Assembley for Slovenia! Tetyana Vasylkivska Ukraina,  Chairman pri NGO “All-Ukrainian Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine”

Tetyana Vasylkivska, Ukraina

“I would be very glad if Apimondia 2021 took place in Slovenia. I had the pleasure to be a part of CoLoss Conference organized by the Slovenian team and I think it was one of the most professionally organized conferences I attended. Yet the atmosphere was very friendly and the […]

Anna Gajda

There is an article about Slovenian beekeeping in the current issue of the largest American beekeeping magazine.   Why Is Slovenia the Beekeeping Capital of the World? The author, Howard Scott, enthusiastically states facts that confirm the question above.   The author concludes that Slovenia really is the beekeeping capital […]

Why is Slovenia beekeeping capital of the world?