Celje – diverse and rich experiences in a small area. Romantic streets in the historic city centre, small corners for secret conversations at the city park, architecture that unveils the richness and diversity of the past and rich content provided by museums, galleries and theatre. All of that in the city centre and only a few steps away.

TOURISM BOARD CELJE manages the destination City of Celje as ATTRACTIVE CITY BREAK for people seeking for perfect city break, rich with history and culture, cosy city atmosphere and possibilities for outdoor activities as well as fine dining although in city restaurants or in outskirts at tourist farms. City of Celje is growing tourist destination in Slovenia, with 30% increase in tourist overnights in last  years!

Special attention of tourists has been paid to Celje from time immemorial – our glorious history and the Counts of Cilli are well-known among foreign visitors as well. Old Castle Celje (http://castle.grad-celje.com/) is the most popular tourist sight in the city that attracts as many as 70,000 visitors per year.

Culture discreetly accompanies you in Celje every step of the way – the lively events are the result of a diverse musical, fine art, theatre and other cultural programme. Do not forget to visit the unique CELEIA – a town beneath today’s town archaeological exhibition space (https://www.pokmuz-ce.si/en/) that unveils the rich history of Roman Celje and provides for an unique experience and the only museum for children in Slovenia, Herman’s Den (http://www.muzej-nz-ce.si/?lang=en), as well as the Skylight photographic studio of Josip Pelikan and the Artists’ Quarter, where independent visual artists of various profiles are active.

There are two Tourist Information Centres in Celje: one in the historic city centre; the new Tourist Information Centre (TIC) (http://www.celje.si/en/card/tourist-information-centre-tic) in the heart of the old city centre – Glavni trg 17. The added value to the new premises of TIC is the Pavilion for the Presentation of Archaeological Remains, which is becoming one of the main tourist attractions of the city! The other TIC is at Old Castle Celje, where the tourist information staff will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you seek. We are here for you and your wishes.

Have you had enough of wandering around city and need an active break? For many locals, sports have always been a synonym for the city itself. We recommend a hike to the Celjska koča (http://www.celjska-koca.si/?lang=en) and a test of your skills in the Adventure Park or an adrenaline ride in a bob cart. You can visit City forest with biggest Tree house (http://www.celje.si/en/card/city-forest-tree-house) in Slovenia. The Heart Path in the City Park is perfect for jogging or simply taking a walk. Borrow a vessel and embark on a romantic journey across Lake Šmartinsko jezero (http://www.celje.si/en/card/smartinsko-lake) and get your adrenaline pumping with zorbing. For those who cannot get by without cheering – visit a handball match in the Zlatorog Hall or a football match in Arena Petrol.


MUSEUM OF RECENT HISTORY CELJE (http://www.muzej-nz-ce.si/?lang=en), can be found in the former City Hall in the city centre. By bringing artefacts and their stories to life, it clarifies the past, helps to understand the present and co-creates the future. Welcome to an area of discovery, learning, socialising and reflection.

The exhibits of the CELJE REGIONAL MUSEUM (https://www.pokmuz-ce.si/en/) are on display at two locations in the city centre of Celje – at the Old Counts’ Mansion and at the Princely Palace. By visiting our permanent exhibitions, visitors take a stroll through time from pre-historic times to the present day.

OLD CASTLE CELJE (http://castle.grad-celje.com/) – Romantic, seductive, mighty, dark, scary … Old Castle Celje. A definite must-see in Celje that you cannot miss no matter which direction you are coming from. The mighty castle with its walls ruling over the hill above the city for centuries will leave you speechless once you gaze on it from afar. Once you visit it, it stays in your memory forever.

FOODS AND DRINKS (http://www.celje.si/en/cards/cuisine) – Culinary knowledge combined with the urban environment reveals itself through the excellent catering services on offer – hotel restaurants, spaghetti houses, pizzerias, taverns with local food and various options of fast food will not leave you hungry. Take a turn to the municipal market and take a look at the homemade delicacies and chat with the salesladies. They may offer you a piece to taste… In the evening, a glass of good wine will surely hit the spot in a stylish hotel restaurant, in one of the summer gardens in the city centre or in the lovely atmosphere of the Celje taverns.

SHOPPING AND ENTERTAINMENT (http://www.celje.si/en/cards/shopping) – Shopping has become a lifestyle, and that is no different in Celje. Boutique shops of well-known designers from Celje, with their attracting displays downtown, are very appealing, just like the souvenir shops and sales galleries with diverse offers from Slovene traditional souvenirs to trendy and useful gifts in the Artists’ Quarter. One must pay a visit to the shopping centres which, in Celje, also offer lots of ways to have fun besides shopping – cinemas, children’s fun parks, restaurants and thematic entertainment.

EVENTSCelje is a family-friendly city and it is especially alive during many events that last throughout the year and serve as entertainment for children as well as for adults (http://www.celje.si/en/traditional-events):

  • Every weekend from April to October: LIVING HISTORY AT OLD CASTLE CELJE (medieval camp, knights, archery, fencing).
  • June and October: COUNTRYSIDE IN THE CITY (countryside delicacies are presented on stands downtown).
  • June – August: SUMMER IN CELJE (a rich programme of events, performances, concerts and theatre plays at many sites in the city and at Old Castle Celje).
  • Last Friday and Saturday in August: LAND OF CELJE INVITES… (a two-day medieval event at the Old Castle Celje and downtown).
  • December: FAIRY-TALE CELJE: Fairy-tale land (with fairies and fairy-tale heroes), Christmas – New Year’s fair, free open-air concerts, holiday lights’ switch-on with arrival of St. Nicholas and gifts, children’s New Year’s Eve in Fairy-tale land…
  • 31 December: NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATIONS: Open-air New Year’s Eve with concert.

ACCOMMODATION (http://www.celje.si/en/cards/accommodations) – The city and its surroundings have five hotels in the category of three or four stars, two hostels, a camp and a guesthouse. They are all modernly equipped and offer their visitors quality services for a comfortable stay in the city.

Celje is also the center and “heart” of SPA REGION – THE LAND OF CELJE and one of best option for DAILY TRIPS for SPA guests (https://www.dezela-celjska.si/en ).

The Land of Celje is famous in Slovenia for:

  • Spa resorts:  there are six spa resorts in the area: Terme Dobrna, Terme Zreče, Thermana Laško, Rimske Terme, Rogaška Slatina and Terme Olimia.
  • The town of Celje with a rich history reaching all the way from the period of the Roman Celeia to the medieval counts. Today, the town is the administrative, cultural, educational, business, sports and fair centre of the Savinja region.
  • The Kozjansko Regional Park, which is a protected natural area, which is vital for the tourist activity of the area.
  • Hop, which has a rich tradition in the Savinja region and is closely connected with the town of Laško, which is known for its brewery with a 187-years-long tradition.
  • The Green Gold Fountain is a tribute to the hop growing heritage of the Lower Savinja Valley and Žalec, which is the hop-growing centre of Slovenia.
  • Viniculture and the a history of wine trade with viniferous areas along the Šmarsko-Virštanjska wine tourism trail and the Podpohorska tourist road.
  • Places with a rich cultural and ethnological content (Rogatec Open Air Museum, birth houses of composers Ipavci and poet A. Aškerc…).
  • Cycling and hiking tracks and individual attractions and sights.

Details about tourist facilities and other information are always available in the Tourist Information Centre, +386 3 428 79 36 or tic@celje.si, www.celje.si.

Avtorji fotografij: Matjaž Jambriško, Gregor Katič, Andraž Purg