The Green Gold Fountain

The Green Gold Fountain is a tribute to the hop growing heritage of the Lower Savinja Valley and Žalec, which is the hop-growing centre of Slovenia. Slovenia is also the fifth largest producer of hops in the world and hop is the “spice” that gives beer its distinctive flavour.

In Žalec we wanted to connect the history with today and set the foundations for an appealing tourist story for the future. The Green Gold Fountain is the result of these efforts.

Tasting of Beer at the Fountain

The visitor can buy a glass beer mug at various locations in the town and for the price of EUR 8.00 they can taste 6 x 1 dcl of beer.

The glass, equipped with a microchip, is put under the tap which detects it and pours the beer automatically. At the beginning and end of tasting, the taps are lifted and dropped automatically with an authorisation card from an authorised person.

The beer mug for the Green Gold Fountain was designed by the renowned industrial designer and an honorary citizen of the Municipality of Žalec, Oskar Kogoj, and produced by the company “Steklarna Hrastnik”.

Purchase of beer mugs:

  • Green Gold Shop at the country market, Savinjska cesta 11, Žalec
  • TIC Žalec, Šlandrov trg 25, Žalec
  • Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia, Cesta žalskega tabora 2, Žalec